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Food Pocket - LARGE

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Food Pocket - LARGE

Wrap it

Use warmth of your hands to mold the cloth. It easily bends and wraps around any food. It also replaces the lid of food containers.

Wash it

After use gently wash the wrap with lukewarm water. You may use a drop of mild natural detergent. Wipe dry and store for the next use.

Reuse it

You can use the cloth for a year or even longer. The wrap will serve you longer if you occasionally roll it between two sheets of baking paper.

Reduce waste in your home and replace plastic foil with BeeZeeB wraps.

You can use them in the kitchen for storing food and elsewhere in your household. They are made from environmentally friendly materials and keep your food fresher longer. Offer your food more by using BeeZeeB wraps. Choose between many patterens and store food in style from the refrigirator to your picnic basket.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

How do I wash Beezeeb cloths?
Like a plate, rinse the cloths under lukewarm running water (maximum 30 degrees), you can gently rub them with the soft part of the sponge. Do not wash in the washing machine! Wipe, dry and store.

How do I store BeeZeeB cloths?
They can be folded and stored in a drawer or box. I roll the
cloths and store them in an old flower pot on the kitchen counter. So they are on hand at all times.

How long can I use the cloths?
You can use them for a year or longer. Wax is worn over time, then it’s time to replace it. Also, make sure that the cloths do not come in contact with objects warmer than 60 degrees as the wax can melt.

How do I use BeezeeB cloths?
You can use cloths to wrap food, to cover food container, or elsewhere in the household. Be creative. Always use a cloth larger than the object you intend to wrap. Use the wormth of your palms to soften the cloth, it bends easily, wraps around the food and stick to itself.

Can you use a cloth to store food in the freezer?
Of course you can use the wraps in the freezer. I wrap peeled ripe bananas and freeze them. They do well.

How do I restore my cloth?
If there are a lot of cracks in the cloth and it bothers you, you can restore it. Place the cloth on a baking sheet and heat it with warm air of the hairdryer. Cover the warm cloth with another sheet of baking paper and rub well with the roller.

Can I use a cloth to wrap meat and eggs?
As the cloth is not to be washed in hot water, we don´t recommend wraping meat and eggs.

BeeZeeB is a company that is deeply committed to addressing the global issue of plastic pollution. BeeZeeB offers a stylish and eco-friendly solution to plastic waste by providing reusable wraps that can completely replace plastic wrap, significantly contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.
Made from environmentally friendly materials, BeeZeeB cloths keep your food fresh for longer periods. By using BeeZeeB cloths, you are not only treating your food better but also making a conscious choice for a sustainable future.