Our ''little black miracle'' has already solved or alleviated many of your skin problems, or simply helped you achieve the soft, clean and healthy skin you always wanted.

Karbonoir black soap is:

  • Natural and vegan: contains only ingredients of plant origin and is not tested on animals
  • Handmade in Slovenia
  • Packaged without plastic: wrapped only in paper and a linen pouch, which you can reuse in 101 ways
  • Dermatologically tested

Kn black soap is also very versatile - for all of you who do not yet know all the benefits of Kn black soap, we have prepared this article.

What will Kn black soap replace in your toiletry bag?

1. Facial cleansing and care products

Regular facial cleansing is especially important in summer, when sweat clogs our pores. 
Kn black soap deeply cleanses the skin, prevents acne breakouts and makes the facial skin as soft as a baby's bottom. 

2. Peeling

''Hmm... What if we just skip the exfoliation for the two weeks we're on vacation? ''

If your vacation will include sunbathing, we don't recommend it! Regular and gentle exfoliation of the body is the key to an even tan.

Microparticles of activated charcoal provide the exfoliating effect in Kn black soap, and for stronger body exfoliation, you can also use the linen scrotum in which the soap is packed!

3. Makeup Removal

Black soap perfectly removes all makeup, even waterproof. You don't need any additional products, not even cotton pads.

4. Body gel

Kn black soap is perfect for the shower: this special feeling of cleanliness and freshness has been described by our users as "like changing not only the sheets of the bed, but also the skin".

Especially if you have problems with pimples on the body or itching, Kn black soap is an excellent choice.

5. Shaving foam

It works great as a substitute for shaving foam, and it also shortens shower time, as we don't need to apply the product to the body twice (shower gel and shaving cream).

We simply wash with soap and before washing the foam off our bodies, we shave!

6. Shampoo and conditioner

According to some users, Kn black soap is also great as an alternative to shampoo and conditioner! It is especially suitable for people with shorter or curly hair.

7. Skin care products

Kn black soap not only deeply cleans the skin, but also nourishes it, as it contains high-quality natural vegetable oils and butters:
olive oil is full of antioxidants, moisturizes the skin and protects it from UV rays, coconut oil prevents drying and restores the skin barrier, shea butter softens damaged skin, and the high content of fatty acids helps to regenerate skin cells.

Kn black soap is really ideal and indispensable not only in the home bathroom, but also when traveling!

Additional tips for traveling with Kn black soap:

  • Cut it up! You can cut the soap in half and use one half for washing your face and the other half for your body.
  • Store dry. As with any soap, it is also important to store it in a dry place. Make sure you always put it in a place where water can drain freely.
  • Transport it in a container or in a piece of paper. For transport, you can wrap the soap in a piece of paper (the soap must be dry, of course!) and store it in a linen pouch. You can also use a plastic container.
  • Take stock. If you're going on a trip for a long time, make sure you don't run out of soap - especially if your partner likes to "borrow" it from time to time.


Natural cosmetics made with carefully selected high quality ingredients based on COCONUT ACTIVATED CHARCOAL

Activated charcoal is one of the most absorbent substances in the world - it binds to bacteria and dirt and thus removes them effectively, which is highly desirable if we want to remove plaque and prevent gingivitis. Activated charcoal is also used in medicine because it is so effective in removing toxins. Therefore, it is also ideal to provide your sensitive skin with additional protection against bacteria.