Warm clothes effectively protect us from wind, moisture and cold, and the only part of the body that is directly exposed to weather factors is our face. That's why we need to care for and protect this part of the body especially carefully to keep the skin in balance.

With all the care, the skin of the body, which hides under layers of warm clothes on cold days and has to adapt daily to heated spaces that dry out the skin and can provoke the appearance of various skin discomforts and problems, should not be overlooked.

So that the skin will remain in balance for as long as possible, even in winter, we have collected some simple tips for you:

Extra gentle cleansing

Gentle cleansing is always welcome, but especially important during winter, when a healthy acid mantle is crucial to maintain the skin’s balance. It is vital not to use products that dry out our skin, but to cleanse it with products without artificial foaming agents. This applies to both your face and your body. To gently cleanse your face, you can use our Purifying Face Cleanser, which cleanses gently but thoroughly with respect to your skin.

Purifying Face Cleanser 100 ml

Deeply and gently purifies the skin, washing away make-up, excess oil and dirt without over-drying or stripping the skin of its natural oils.  Protects the skin’s delicate PH balance, leaving it hydrated, toned and supple. Ingredients: Hemp Hydrolate hydrates, tones and improves the appearance of pores. Cedarwood purifies and calms sensitive and acne-prone skin. Chlorella is a rich source of beta-carotene and antioxidants, regenerating skin and restoring its acid-base balance.

Remove dead skin cells

Dead skin cells accumulate on the epidermis and block the path of skincare products, and, on top of that, they can make the skin look dull and tired. Exfoliation is recommended once or at most twice a week. It aims to remove dead skin cells, stimulate skin renewal and increase the effect of your care routine. It can instantly revitalise your skin and make it look healthier and more youthful. Special attention should be paid to the choice of the appropriate exfoliant, which should not be too rough, as that can cause skin damage and reactions. The intensity of the exfoliant should, of course, be adapted to the skin area; the skin on the face is very thin and delicate, which calls for a gentle scrub, whereas the skin on the rest of the body is a little thicker, so sugar crystal-based scrubs can also be used.

Ensure appropriate moisturising care

Moisture is essential during all seasons and winter is no exception. Our skin needs plenty of moisturising care to maintain a healthy skin barrier and to effectively avoid the negative effects of heating, which are impossible to escape during the colder months. Immediately after cleansing, make sure to thoroughly hydrate your skin - you can repeat the application as needed. When it comes to the texture and application of products, the rule of thumb is to apply light moisturising textures with small molecules first and then build up towards products with larger molecules (oils, richer creams). There is generally never too much moisture, but it’s important that the products are mutually compatible. At Hemptouch, we offer two ideal pairs for hydration: Moisturising Bright Essence + Nurturing Face Cream and Moisturising Bright Essence + Balancing Face Cream.

Moisturising Bright Essence 100 ml

Provides an instant rush of hydration and reveals natural radiance. This ultra-light hydrating serum is an active concentration of powerful, naturally derived, hydrating ingredients and antioxidants. It is an infusion of pure natural freshness, exclusively made to be the first moisturising step in your skincare ritual. Brightens dull complexions and prompts the skin’s ability to absorb the following treatments. Key ingredients:Hemp hydrolate provides a rush of hydration and delivers nutrients Silver fir polyphenols increases collagen and elastin synthesis Hyaluronic acid instantly hydrates thirsty skin CBD keeps the skin protected and guides skin back to balance.

Nurturing Face Cream 50 ml

A rich, ultra-nourishing moisturiser with a concentrate of hemp extracts, instantly soothes and rehydrates very dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin, reinforcing the skin barrier. Nurturing hemp seed oil, repairing omegas 3, 6 & 9, soothing CBD and hyaluronic acid help to improve moisture retention, preventing dryness and signs of premature ageing. Ingredients:Hemp seed oil with omegas 3, 6 & 9 strengthen and smooth the skin. Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture, leaving skin soft and radiant Rose and hemp hydrolate protect, calm and balance the skin. CBD calms irritation and redness.

Balancing Face Cream 50 ml

A soothing moisturiser with skin-balancing actives formulated to leave oily and blemish-prone skin calm and comfortable. Improves the condition of oily, combination and problem-prone skin by minimising the appearance of blackheads and breakouts. Ingredients:CBD reduces excess sebum production and has a balancing and calming effect on the skin. Hemp seed oil, bursting with omegas 3 & 6, which soothe and reduce redness. Hemp hydrolate hydrates and reduces the appearance of large pores for smoother looking skin. Chlorella is rich in beta-carotene and zinc, it minimises visibility of redness.

Pamper your skin with rich care

We need to adjust our skincare according to the season. During the warmer part of the year, a light moisturising texture is sufficient, but our skin needs richer care that includes more nourishing ingredients during the colder season; especially natural oils and butters that supply it with lipids, thus strengthening its hydrolipidic layer and skin barrier. This helps your skin stay protected against moisture loss and temperature changes. For an extra luxurious and skin-boosting treatment, we present you the Replenishing Antioxidant Face Oil as an ideal last step in your skincare routine, because it locks in moisture and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day.

Replenishing Antioxidant Face Oil 30 ml

 A highly regenerative face oil featuring a unique blend of organic, antioxidant-rich, superfood seed oils that helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier by boosting moisture levels, improving firmness and calming the skin. It tackles dehydration, dullness, redness, uneven texture and fine lines.Plum and hemp seed oils replenish and hydrate the skin with age-defying omegas, vitamin E, pro-vitamin A, antioxidants and polyphenols. CBD soothes skin sensitivities, redness and calms the skin. Poppy extract improves the appearance of fine lines in mature or dry skin.

Lip balm and hand cream should be your essentials

The skin of the lips is particularly thin and delicate, for it is unable to prodce a protective filter on its own - which makes proper care crucial in preventing dry and chapped lips. The same goes for the sensitive skin of our hands. They are one of the most exposed parts of the body; we expose them to water, cleaning products, detergents and disinfectants on a daily basis, all of which have a major impact on the condition of the skin. In winter, the skin on our hands can become extremely sensitive, reactive, often even damaged and injured. We can, thankfully, protect them by wearing gloves and using hand cream regularly, and taking care of these particularly exposed parts of the body will definitely pay off. Here at Hemptouch, we know how prone the skin of the hands and lips is to unpleasant reactions, and we have found the answer to those in the formulas of our Intensive Lip Balm and CBD Hand Cream.

Intensive Lip Balm 4.5 ml

This nourishing hemp balm enriched with precious beeswax and clove oil conditions and protects dry and sensitive lips. Relieves tightness after a single application. The perfect balm for dry, dehydrated and sensitive lips, it protects against wind and cold. Particularly suitable for lips prone to cold sores. Key ingredients:Hemp seed oil and Vitamin E are a rich source of antioxidants and omegas 3, 6 & 9 that moisturise and condition the lips. Beeswax conditions lips and acts as a protective barrier to retain moisture. Clove extract is one of the richest sources of antioxidants with unmatched antiviral properties to provide protection against cold sores or fever blisters.

CBD Hand Cream 75 ml

This soothing care is the ideal ally for your hands at any time of the day thanks to its velvety texture. It instantly relaxes and softens the skin, restoring the moisture and lipids it has lost. Protects and supports the skin’s natural regenerative processes without leaving a greasy finish. Key ingredients:Hempseed oil nourishes, softens and deeply restores. It strengthens the hydrolipidic layer of the skin and helps protect it better with the ideal ratio of omega fats. CBD has calming and anti-inflammatory properties. It restores balance to the skin and protects it from oxidative stresses of the environment. A combination of lavender, geranium and tea tree essential oils has mild antibacterial, restorative and soothing properties.

Don’t forget about sun safety

Even though the sun seems to be tucked somewhere far away during the dark and foggy winter days, this isn’t the case. Sunlight and UV radiation are very present even during winter, so applying SPF in your daily routine should not be overlooked; especially if you’re heading to the ski slopes and spending time indulging in winter fun outdoors.

Lightweight, mineral, SPF 50 sunscreen protects against UVA/UVB sun damage. It effectively protects the face and neck from UVA/UVB rays and sun damage, including pigmentation and dark spots.

Take care of your skin from the inside out

Last but not least, let us remind you of the most important point: drinking enough water and tea, a wholesome diet, healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise in the fresh air, enough sleep and as few worries as possible. I know it sounds easy, but in reality, this part is often mission impossible. Don’t give up, though; even baby steps can go a long way ;) Set attainable daily plans and enjoy what you’ve achieved; your body will thank you and your skin will glow with satisfaction, even on cold winter days.

Source: https://www.hemptouch.com/