At Hemptouch, we understand what a baby’s delicate skin needs, so we designed something new: Gentle Baby Balm, a very special ointment that helps a baby’s skin overcome daily environmental challenges, strengthens and softens it, and builds resilience for life. We’ve brought together a treasure trove of omega fats and vitamins to protect your baby’s skin with a natural shield against the outside world. It will protect them from dry, red and itchy skin; it might even soothe a small bump and provide the gentlest care our little treasures deserve. The balm we designed is just the way they like it: playfully colored in all shades of nature and infused with the delicately fruity fragrance of the sunny sea buckthorn.

Perfect like baby's own skin

Is there a better smell than the one emanating from the tender cheeks of a tiny baby? Ask any mother out there and you’re sure to get the same answer ... Baby’s skin is the softest, gentlest and most pleasantly fragrant thing any parent will ever remember! So perfect and supple, yet extremely delicate and fragile at the same time; that’s baby skin. 

Baby skin is up to 5 times thinner than adult skin

Babies' skin is not yet fully mature after birth. It looks thinner and more sensitive than adult skin. It consists of the same number of layers, but each layer is significantly thinner. The sebaceous and sweat glands are less active during this period, which is why the hydrolipidic layer of the skin and the protective acid mantle are weak and the functioning of the skin barrier is therefore rather limited. This is why the skin of the little ones is so sensitive to external stimuli, as it is not yet able to protect itself sufficiently.

Development of a baby's skin

In infants and children up to 1 year of age, the skin is at the stage of its most intense development, so careful care is extremely important. At the age of 6 this phase is coming to an end, but it is worth remembering that the child's immune system is not yet fully developed. The activity of the sebaceous glands only increases with hormonal changes during puberty.

Children's skin is sensitive to chemical, physical and microbial influences. All substances that come into contact with the skin are absorbed faster than in adults and penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The relationship between skin surface and body weight also plays an important role. This is the only difference between children and adults, and it is important to remember that every product we apply to a child's skin penetrates deeper and has a much stronger effect on him than on us.

What a cosmetic product for babies and young children should not contain

Careful selection of the purest ingredients in young children is indeed very important. As we have already noted, the skin of young children is very different from the skin of adults. The ingredients of the care products are absorbed faster and reach a greater depth. It is important that when choosing a care product we avoid accessories that do not belong to the products for the little ones. It is certainly good to avoid unnecessary preservatives, artificial foaming agents, artificial fragrances and dyes and, last but not least, potentially allergenic and irritating essential oils. It may sound a bit ridiculous, but it's worth remembering; if the cosmetics are not safe enough to eat, do not apply them to your baby's skin.

Ancient peoples already anointed their descendants

Special child-friendly care is not only an invention of modern times, but has been dedicated to it in the past. The ancients anointed their children with pure vegetable oils and herbal extracts, and the tradition continues today. The so-called anointing had not only a nursing and protective meaning, but this type of care also had a ritual meaning. In various parts of the world they used vegetable fats that were on their doorstep; for example, argan oil was used in Morocco, shea butter in Burkina Faso, sesame oil in India, olive oil in the Mediterranean, and we could still enumerate them.

But we are sure of something; if baby skin could choose, she would definitely choose hemp oil. :)

4 quick tips for baby skin care

  1. Use gentle cleaning products without artificial foaming agents.
    They are aggressive to the skin, remove lipids and dry out the skin.
  2. Baths should be short-lived, making sure the water isn't too hot.
  3. Regular hydration will help keep baby's skin hydrated and healthy.
  4. Ensure adequate UV protection, as children's skin is a lot
    susceptible to the unwanted effects of UV rays.

Let the caring touch also be the bond between parent and child 

But caring for a baby isn't just about taking care. It is a moment that connects parent and child with touch and attention. A gentle massage will provide relaxation, soothing and a complete evening ritual or simply a moment of tenderness at any time of the day.

At Hemptouch, we will be extremely honored if our new balm becomes this bond between parent and child, the power to touch and care for a loving connection that is a great journey for a lifetime.