Fragrances are an integral part of most cosmetic products. A pleasant smell is what usually influences our purchase decision. Nevertheless, there is a difference between aromas that have a beneficial effect on our organism and those that can harm us.

Where do we find all the fragrances?

Fragrances appear in more products than you might think. In addition to perfumes, they are also found in laundry detergents, fabric softeners, scented candles, powders, cosmetic products, etc. All these products quickly come into contact with our skin - we apply deodorants, creams and perfume directly, while washing detergents and fabric softeners come into contact with us through our clothes. They are also found in scented candles, room fresheners and car fragrances.

Are all fragrances harmful?

Some artificial fragrances that have a synthetic composition can be extremely harmful to health. This does not mean that we should not use fragrances. On the contrary – essential oils have a great therapeutic effect, aromatherapy is one of the most popular forms of treatment in France. Natural fragrances and extracts are also health and environmentally friendly and have a beneficial effect on us.

Pleasant natural fragrances have a beneficial effect on our organism, relax us and ensure a general better well-being. In addition to essential oils, various natural oils are also used in our products. Oils and plant extracts have many other properties besides a nice smell, which is the reason we use them in our cosmetics. An excellent example is sea buckthorn extract, which we used in our Gentle Baby Balm for children, and in addition to its exceptional aroma, it also restores damaged skin, protects against inflammation and strengthens the skin's hydrolipidic layer. In our products, every fragrance is used with a purpose, and not just for the sake of a nice smell.

A particularly gentle balm soothes, nourishes and protects the sensitive skin of children. The 100% natural composition is ideal for daily moisturizing and softening of the skin, protection against diaper rash, and for comprehensive care and strengthening of the skin barrier of our youngest. Key ingredients: • Hemp oil nourishes, softens and deeply restores. With the help of the ideal ratio of omega fats, it strengthens the skin barrier and in this way improves the skin's protective role.• Shea butter soothes irritated and sensitive skin and protects it from external influences and dryness.• Sea buckthorn extract restores damaged skin, protects against inflammation and strengthens the hydrolipidic layer skin. 

Synthetic fragrances: we prefer to avoid them

Synthetic fragrances can be recognized on products with different names: benzyl, dioxane, phthalate ... Most of these substances are obtained from petroleum derivatives, which are extremely harmful to health. The problem with synthetic fragrances is that manufacturers don't have to list all the flavors and compounds in the product, they can only use the word "fragrance", which can hide up to 200 different chemicals that remain unknown.

Synthetic fragrances can cause headaches, dizziness, concentration problems and, in the long run, have even more serious consequences. At the same time, they are harmful to the environment - nature and animals.

Natural fragrances

Natural flavors include essential oils and other natural scented oils that infuse products with a pleasant scent. Natural fragrances can often be recognized by the intense and specific smell of a certain plant.

All Hemptouch products are completely natural, the aromas are always obtained from natural extracts. Some of our products don't have a specific smell, as we don't add essential oils at all.

What are the differences between synthetic and natural fragrances?

1. Differences between series: natural fragrances are those that are the fruit of nature and therefore product series differ from each other. The amount of precipitation, sunny days, changes in temperature and other external influences will determine the color, smell and texture of the product, so the product may be slightly different from year to year. The same goes for fragrances – organic essential oil and plant extracts will smell slightly different every year. Synthetic fragrances, on the other hand, are exactly the same every time, because they are made in a laboratory.

2. Difference in persistence: Natural fragrances are less persistent than synthetic perfumes that stay on the skin all day. You've probably smelled perfume on your clothes before and noticed that the smell lingers until the next wash. Natural fragrances do not have this strength and fade much faster.

3. Effect on the organism: synthetic fragrances are compounds created in the laboratory from synthetic molecules. Because they are strong-smelling fragrances, they can also cause headaches, dizziness and, in the long run, reduce our sense of smell. Essential oils and other natural fragrances have a positive effect on us and have a proven therapeutic effect.

4. Different shades of scents: We often decide to buy a synthetic perfume that smells good to us, but we can't figure out what it is. The smell is unknown to us because it is created synthetically and does not associate us with smells found in nature.

Fragrances – an integral part of cosmetic products

Fragrances are found in most of our Hemptouch products, in which we use only natural extracts and essential oils. It is precisely because of its smell that our Replenishing Antioxidant Face Oil is quite popular. If you smell this product, you will immediately feel a connection with nature. Our After Sun Elixir also has a pleasant and refreshing smell, the smell of which is due to lemongrass oil.

In our products you can also find the essential oil of geranium, lime, bergamot, clary sage, lavender, chamomile and many others. Various oils and butters, such as hemp oil, shea and mango butter, and many other fragrances give the products a special scent.

An exceptional blend of unique natural oils, supernutrients and antioxidants that restores, nourishes and keeps the skin optimally moisturized and strengthened. Key ingredients: Plum seed oil in combination with hemp oil supplies the skin with essential fatty acids, vitamin E, provitamin A and valuable antioxidants. A luxurious blend of oils strengthens the hydrolipidic film, traps moisture and works against visible signs of aging. CBD soothes irritated and sensitive skin and restores its balance. Poppy seed extract improves skin tone, smoothes and restores the skin's naturally radiant appearance. 

A valuable combination of hemp oil, St. John's wort oil and lemongrass for relaxed and soothed skin after exposure to the sun. The elixir soothes and protects irritated, red and sensitive skin that has lost moisture, elasticity and softness after sunbathing. Ingredients: Hemp oil nourishes the skin and restores its elasticity and softness. St. John's wort and calendula extract restore and soothe red and irritated skin. Lemongrass oil refreshes and invigorates the skin, while offering natural protection against mosquitoes. 

Consequences of using synthetic fragrances

Fragrances that are created artificially can leave consequences on our skin. Due to various compounds, our skin can react with an allergic reaction or irritation. Skin rashes can also occur due to the use of fabric softener when washing clothes.

Synthetic fragrances can cause many other health problems such as migraines, system disorders and even cancer.

Strong fragrances also affect our concentration. When we light a candle at home and want to relax, the synthetic fragrances can give us a headache, and the effect will be just the opposite. In this case, you should rather use a vaporizer, under which you place an ordinary candle, pour water on top and add a few drops of any essential oil, and you will create a perfect calming atmosphere.


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