Itching, dandruff and excessive oiliness are just some of the many scalp problems that individuals face. 
In order to improve the situation, we need to know the origin of the problems and the reasons why they occur in the first place.

Reasons for a sensitive scalp

There are several reasons for a sensitive scalp. Physical factors can cause us problems. In this case, it is a change in temperature - heat or cold, or a change in the season, which can affect our scalp. We often notice that our hair falls out in large quantities in autumn and spring, which is completely normal and a result of evolution.

The use of cosmetics also has a big impact - if it is inadequate, the problem is probably precisely that. Shampoos that contain artificial foaming agents create a seemingly luxurious foam, but in the long run it can have negative consequences on our scalp.

In addition, the scalp can be affected by psychological factors, i.e. stress and hormonal factors; especially in women - the menstrual cycle.

Dandruff - how to deal with it?

The cause of an itchy scalp is most often dandruff, and as much as half of the adult population faces this problem. Teenagers often feel uncomfortable because of dandruff, which also affects their self-esteem. In order to avoid this problem, we often use the wrong approach - large amounts of shampoo, daily hair washing and the use of dry shampoos, which further dry out our scalp.

Dandruff usually occurs due to hormonal changes or the deposition of dead skin cells. Of course, the appearance of dandruff is also influenced by genetics, diet and stress, so we can do quite a bit ourselves. Reducing stress and getting enough omega fatty acids and vitamins can help improve the condition. For better results, you can also try our Natural shampoo with hydrolate, which, due to its composition, works beneficially in relieving such scalp problems.

What should we pay attention to when choosing a shampoo?

Let us emphasize that the same applies to the care of the scalp as to the care of the rest of the body - natural products are the best. Therefore, when buying shampoo, check the composition. In order to avoid various headaches, it is best not to use shampoos that contain artificial ingredients. The shampoo should therefore not contain artificial foaming agents (identified by the name Sodium Laureth Sulphate) and silicones (identified by the suffix -thicone).

Artificial foaming agents seemingly degrease the scalp, but the problem is that they also remove the hydrolipid layer of the skin, which is essential to protect the scalp.

Silicones are those substances that irritate our scalp and create the apparent softness of the hair. They prevent the hair from accessing nutrients, which in the long run causes brittleness and greasiness. Due to the content of silicones in the products, the problems mentioned above also occur, such as dandruff, itching and hair loss.

Natural solution - Shampoo with hydrolate

Our Natural shampoo with hydrolate does not contain artificial foaming agents. Instead, it is enriched with a natural cleansing base that cleanses and soothes the scalp. It consists of hemp hydrolate, which soothes the skin, hemp oil, which is a source of natural fats, and a combination of essential oils, which relieve itching and promote healthy hair growth. The shampoo relieves your scalp and provides natural care, which is also confirmed by the opinions of our users. Since it is a completely natural product, it is suitable for everyone, regardless of the problems that the individual faces.

The particularly gentle shampoo contains a natural cleansing base that gently cleanses and balances the sensitive scalp, hair and body. Its completely natural formulation does not contain artificial foaming agents and silicones, which would adversely affect the natural balance of the skin. Due to its gentle but at the same time extremely effective composition, it is suitable for daily use by all family members. Ingredients: Hemp hydrolate cleans and soothes the skin. Hemp oil with an ideal ratio of omega fats supports the natural moisture balance and strengthens sensitive skin. Clary sage, German chamomile and bergamot relieve itching, promote healthy hair growth and strengthen hair.

How should I care for my scalp?

Good circulation can be ensured by regular brushing and combing, and scalp massage, which is performed as often as possible, also has a beneficial effect. Care of the scalp after cleansing is also important - it is best to let the hair dry at room temperature, and then nourish it with a few drops of natural oil. We recommend the Luxurious Oil Serum, which is also excellent for caring for the ends of the hair.

In addition to proper care, other factors also affect the health of the scalp. One of them is undoubtedly a healthy diet, which takes care of the health of our hair. It is also recommended to avoid heat treatment processes such as straightening, curling, drying, etc. as much as possible. Rinsing the hair with cold water is also recommended to close the keratin scales.

In order to achieve results, it is necessary to persevere. The same applies to the scalp, where changes are not visible overnight, but are replaced after a certain amount of time using the shampoo. Therefore, we need to use the product for a long time to see progress.

Prevention is better than cure

Even if you are not yet facing problems, it is good to protect yourself against them as a preventive measure. You can do this in different ways. As already mentioned, one of the alternatives is a healthy lifestyle. Taking vitamins and minerals has positive effects, including on the scalp. The next step to healthy hair is careful brushing and cleansing. In order to avoid dry hair, split ends and dandruff, the most important thing is to use natural products. The shampoo and various oils we use must be of natural origin and contain as few artificial substances as possible.

Washing your hair too often is harmful - myth or truth?

You have probably already heard that excessive hair washing is harmful. However, is the fact true?

It is true that various shampoos with artificial foaming agents remove the protective layer of the scalp, which can lead to increased oil production. 
Therefore, if you use shampoo with artificial foaming agents, you should not wash your hair too often, as it can have the opposite effect.

If you use natural products, you can wash your scalp several times. Nevertheless, washing should not be overdone. 
Especially if we use warm water, excessive washing is not recommended, as hot water damages the scalp.

For proper care, we advise you to use Shampoo with hydrolat, which does not remove the protective layer from the scalp, but gently cleans, promotes healthy hair growth and gives it softness, flexibility and shine.


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