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Hemp Tea in Filter Bags

Be hempy HPY-3T 973
Hemp Tea in Filter Bags

Now in more practical packaging, making it even easier to enjoy and relax, with a good cup of tea. 

Industrial hemp bud tea is known to have a calming effect on the body, it’s caffeine free and has a mild and pleasant flavour. 
Hemp tea is an excellent antioxidant that helps combat insomnia, soothing and cleansing the body.

For better absorption and effectiveness in the body, add a drop or half a teaspoon of fat to the tea, and possibly a little milk to enhance the flavour.

BE HEMPY offers natural, safe food supplements and super foods made from hemp.

The industrial hemp from which Be Hempy products are made is cultivated in such a way that it contains a minimum THC content and a whole range of phytocannabinoids. Products are made in Slovenia (EU) in controlled productions, free of pesticides and herbicides, hand-harvested and naturally dried.